Many people already know Aspen is a famous ski resort town in the Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. What is not as well known is that it is also a very popular destination for all types of outdoor recreation. Aspen and the surrounding area also have many high-end tasty restaurants, gorgeous shopping boutiques and historical landmarks. One such landmark is the Wheeler Opera House which was built in 1889 during the Colorado’s silver mining boom. The Wheeler-Stallard House is a local history museum set in a 19th-century, Queen Anne–style home, while the Aspen Art Museum displays contemporary artworks. So many things to do besides skiing you will find it hard to leave when its time to go home.

The Aspen Snowmass resort complex is in the White River National Forest and has many popular ski areas like Buttermilk’s gentle slopes to the expert terrain at Aspen Highlands. The Flat Tops Wilderness Area is also in the White River National Forest and has besutiful alpine meadows and spectacular volcanic cliffs. All sorts of wildlife can be seen and experienced in the White River National Forest. it also has soaring mudstone mountain peaks which are known as the Maroon Bells which in he dusk can be reflected in the Maroon Lake below which sits in a basin carved by glaciers. Independence Pass is a high mountain corridor which can be found east of Aspen. It is open to tourists during the warmer months and views of Colorado’s highest peaks can be seen from Independance pass.

In Aspen ski enthuasists have over 5,300 acres of terrain to ski on between Snowmass, Aspen Mountain (Ajax), Aspen Highlands and Buttermilk. There are also excellent restaurants for fine dining as well as exquisit shopping in the town of Aspen. Aspen, as manyb already know, is world famous for it’s ski resorts.

Aspen Mountain Ski Lift view

The longest run at the Aspen ski area is 3 miles and the total lift capacity for skiers is 10,755 riders per hour. The average snowfall is at around 300 inches per year. It is important to note that snowmaking capabilities at Aspen are in the range of more than 210 acres. The Aspen mountain ski statistic is considered moderate-to-difficult with no “green” beginner runs. Novice or beginner skiers must go to Snowmass, Buttermilk, or Aspen Highlands. Almost 26% of the ski terrain is considered expert ski terrain. The total ski season on the mountains range from late November to early April or whenever there is adequate snow on the ground.


Important things to remember while visiting Aspen:

• Carry plenty of water and food.
• Bring adequate clothing; layers recommended.
• At high elevation, sunscreen is a must.
• Always tell someone where you are going and when you’ll return.
• Be aware of the health effects of high altitude.
• Weather conditions can change rapidly. Be alert.
• Purify any water from natural sources.
• Please be aware that wild animals, including bears and mountain lions,
are present on our mountains. Never approach or feed wildlife.
• Summer construction traffic and activities may be encountered at any
time across all of our mountains. Please be aware and obey all
warning signs.

• Respect all trail closures and private property.
• Never spook animals (wildlife or domestic).
• Leave gates as you found them.
• Control your bicycle.
• Bikers yield to all other users. If you are walking your bike, yield to
those riding. Show respect for every trail user. Anticipate that other
trail users may be around corners or in blind spots coming from
opposite direction.
• Trail users are responsible for staying in control and within their
abilities. We want you to enjoy the outdoors, so please read and follow
all trail signs. When using the trail system, one should recognize and
accept that dangers, conditions and hazards are an integral part of
sports in the backcountry.
• Leave no trace, only footsteps. Don’t litter.
• Elk Camp is a wildlife-sensitive area. Dogs must be leashed at all times

SUMMER EVENTS AT ASPEN: Even during the summer season life at Aspen is exciting with so many things to do such as hiking and camping. It may be a surprise to those who only show up during the winter season to find so much activity at Aspen, Colorado during the warm season. But it is a beautiful natural scene to behold in person.

Warm Season at Aspen

If you are looking for a summer vacation somewhere where the moutains touch the sky you have found it  at Aspen, Colorado. It is a beautiful transformation in the summer when all the green landscape at Aspen comes to life. Many of the shops remain open year round as well as the hotels and inns, so finding the right gift or spending the night in a great hotle will not be a problem. In fact you may find yourself paying less during the warm season then you would in the winter when the ski season is in full force.

You can go hiking Or off-road biking on the Rio Grande Trail which has an intermediate 1 1/2  mile trail Along Smuggler Mountain. The more experienced hiker can take an 8 1/2  mile trail up to the Conundrum Hot Springs. During these adventures you are sure to run into Cathedral lake. Once you experience Cathedral Lake and American Lake you will always remember the amazing beauty of summer along the Roaring Fork Valley in Aspen. Kayaking and rafting can also be experienced at the Roaring Fork River which has calm and raging Whitewater that will certainly get you soaked and cool you down during the hot summer days.

Take a ride on the Silver Queen Gondola which goes up Aspen Mountain and offers spectacular views. These awesome views can be greatlyt be expanded from paragliding which can take you up to 18000 feet and give you an eagles view of the beauty below; remembering that Aspen Colorado is already at 8 thousand feet.

There is so much to do at Aspen during the winter and during the summer, you can pretty much say there is something to do at Aspen all year round. For more info go to