Ski vacations are an All-American favorite for rugged individuals, sporty couples and families who thrive on skiing and snowboarding on powdery white slopes. There is nothing more invigorating than planning to take a winter vacation, packing your snow gear and heading off with your loved ones to the mountains in the distance. Every snow-skier has their favorite place to go, so it may be a little arrogant to try to tell you where the best spots are, but these are premium winter destinations that many snow enthusiasts will tell you are hard to beat for the best ski vacations.

Are you planning a ski trip to the Rockies and looking for the best accommodations available? It’s hard to decide on which resort to stay at because there are so many competing ones available with many different packages and deals. But if you want the best, there are a few that are known to offer the best amenities to visitors.

The first resort is Loveland, which is situated near one of the highest elevation skiing areas in the Rockies. The reason why people love skiing here is because you get fresh, natural snow that is perfectly suited for any winter activity. You also get one of the best views as the elevation allows you to look down the mountain from near the top.

There is also a freestyle area where rails, kickers, and more are set up so you can try out your moves while staying at the resort. The great thing about Loveland is that there are great skiing routes that are fairly low key. So if you want to stay at a great resort without all the traffic, this is the place to stay. It’s no wonder why this resort is a local favorite.

Snowmass mountain is another resort you may want to consider. The standout feature is the amount of amenities that this resort offers. They are very family friendly, even having a child care center and making everything comfortable for families that want to take a skiing trip together. This resort has been rated very highly as it offers everything to all skier levels, making it perfect for large groups and families with a wide range of skill and experience levels.

If you’re looking for something more beginner friendly, you can go to Buttermilk Mountain. There are over 40 trails, from ones set up for people who are just starting out, to ones designed for the most experienced skiers and boarders.

There are also nine lifts for easy accessibility and simple accommodations. The great thing about this resort is that it is less crowded than others but it can get quite busy when the Winter X games will be hosted here. This is a great attraction for the younger crowd.

Finally, there’s the Aspen Highlands. This is the resort you want to stay at if you want the most challenging slopes. Eighty percent of this resort’s slopes are designed for intermediate to expert skiers and snowboarders. The Aspen Highlands are also fairly uncrowded and have many great restaurants you can choose from.

Those are some of the best resorts you can stay if you want to experience the Rockies. Which resort you decide to stay at will depend on what you’re looking for from accommodations, how family friendly it is, what kind of trails are available, if there’s parks available for freestyle, and your budget. Before making a final decision, find out what your needs are and contact the resorts to see which ones will be best suited for your trip.

Aspen, Colorado

Renowned worldwide, Aspen is unbeatable in the United States for its skiing, and wherever you go at Aspen you are liable to see somebody rich or famous. The Aspen Mountain Powder Tours will test the skills of even the best skiers among us, and those still working on their expert status will find the intermediate slopes to be excitingly challenging. The backside of the mountain presents acres of powdery terrain that expert skiers love to return to again and again. Aspen’s steep slopes are famous, and its four separate mountains offer unrivaled skiing opportunities for all ability levels. There are also opportunities at Aspen for snowboarding, paragliding and fly fishing, which is why Aspen remains a popular destination for ski vacations.

Stowe, Vermont

The two-century-old village of Stowe is also a favorite pick simply because of its New England charm. Stowe consists of the two areas of Spruce Peak and Mount Mansfield which is Vermont’s highest mountain. It also has a lift-link to Smuggler’s Notch, a full-family resort which makes Stow an excellent choice for families looking into destinations that are family-friendly. Stowe offers skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing, and for those who like the “tamer” sport of shopping, there are close to 100 unique shops to browse through after a day on the slopes.

Squaw Valley, California

Famous for its scenic views of Lake Tahoe, Squaw Valley is one of America’s Olympic resorts; night skiing on the 3.2 mile mountain run is an experience you will not forget. There is also the Riviera Superpipe, and if you have members of your group who are not skiers, there is lots for them to do and see at the Ice Pavilion and Olympic Museum where they can enjoy reviewing the history of the 1960 Winter Olympics. Squaw Valley usually runs great family and group deals, and there is plenty of activity to offer everyone whether they are skiers or not, which makes Squaw Valley a great destination for ski vacations.

Alta, Utah

Just a 45 minute drive from Salt Lake City International Airport, this magnificent resort is great for skiers of all abilities. With a stunning 200 foot vertical drop, Alta has more than 115 runs with deep powder and a variety of terrain to challenge advanced skiers as well as beginners. The only negative (if there can be anything negative about such a fantastically beautiful site) is that snowboarding is not allowed on Alta’s slopes.