Here are 5 selected ski resorts in Norway which are a must travel to for any ski enthusiast. You will find lots of snow and warm accomodations with so much to see and experience you will probably never want to leave!

Voss, Norway
  • Voss

Voss is known as a ski resorts in Norway which has both Norwegian and foreign tourists who want to experience a challenging and beautiful scenery. Many visitors from Bergen also travel on day trips to Voss to use the resorts. Voss is located north-east in Hordaland county, about 1 hour and 15 minutes driving from Bergen. Centrally located along Vangsvatnet municipal center that goes under the name Vossevangen, where the council seat is located. Not far from here, (10 minutes from Vangen), you find Norway’s major ski resorts called Bavallen, with 40 kilometers of groomed ski trails, cable car and 12 lifts with a total capacity for 12 000 persons per hour.

Voss is also a mecca for extreme sports. The place has its own week called Ekstremsportvekaa, (usually the last week of June), where everything that happen is dedicated to extreme sports. So if you are interested in sports such as rafting, abseiling, fishing and hiking this is the place for you.

  • Beitostolen

Mountain village Beitostolen is a tourist center located in Oystre Slindre in Oppland county. The place has a location 900 meters above sea level and is not far from Jotunheimen. This is something that makes the snow come very early and ski season last until April. In Beitostolen you find a huge ski resort, hotels and widespread cottages. The place is very family friendly and there are short distances between the slopes, ski trails and habitations. The skiing area starts in the middle of Beitostolen city center and stretches up to 1100 meter above the sea.

Geilo, Norway
  • Geilo

Geilo is a ski resort located approximately 4 hours driving from Oslo. The Bergen train line also passes through, so you can also choose to travel by train from both Oslo and Bergen. Geilo is located 794 meters above sea level and has approximately 3000 inhabitants. There are many hotels and cabins, so the accommodation options are many. During winter many tourists come here to use the huge ski domain which consists of 40 ski slopes and 220 kilometres of groomed cross country trails. The ski resort consists of all types of slopes, from the simple to the more difficult ones. Geilo is also one of the largest ski resorts in Norway and you will definitely find something that suits your skills.

Norefjell, Norway
  • Norefjell

Norefjell is the most dominant mountain range in southern Norway and Oslo’s nearest mountain. It has become a very popular ski resort, and the winter-Olympics in 1952 took place here. Since then Norefjell has been one of the largest and most modern ski resorts in Northern Europe. The mountain range is located between Eggedal in West and Krødsherad and Hallingdal in East. Many people from the Eastern part of Norway have cabins here, that they use a lot during the ski season.

Norefjell Ski Center consists of 13 lifts and 24 slopes. The place is also a popular destination for cross country skiing because of miles of groomed trails.

  • Hafjell

Hafjell is located 230 kilometres from Oslo and is a popular ski resort, both for the people from Norway and visiting tourists. Hafjell Resort is located at the entrance to Gudbrandsdalen, 15 kilometres North of Lillehammer, and is one of Norway’s largest resorts. It was here the Winter Olympic slalom took place in 1994, and it was due to that Hafjell was given a more recognized status as a ski resort. After the Lillehammer Olympics the ski resort was further developed and consists now of 30 trails, 1 cable car, 3 chairlifts and 11 ski lifts. It has also a large floodlight system and a terrain park for snowboarding and freestyle racing. The top point at Hafjell is located 1030 meters above sea level and has a fall of 835 meters.

There are many more locations throughout Norway which are just as beautiful and full of adventure you can travel to. The above locations have been selected because of their popularity. For more info visit: Norway



  1. I believe us Norwegians came up with skiing first. IT IS HOW WE GET AROUND IN THE NORTH FOR CENTURYS

  2. The short read brought back so many memories with Geilo.
    It is really lovely there. The people are so nice and polite and almost everyone knows english too which was a plus for me since I am a native Vermonter. Now I want ot go back again its been so many years!

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